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Welcome to the Islamic History Corner, Abdur Rahman’s blog on the rich, diverse and fascinating history of Islam.

This blog aims to share resources, papers, notes and other useful material on the study of Islamic history.  In particular, given my own interests, I will initially be focusing on early Islamic history, which is roughly the first 400 years or so.  Time and space permitting, material from other eras will also be posted.

All of the materials posted here are for public and educational use.  They are free and are my way of giving something back.  I also have another, deeper point.  In the current climate of misinformation, misunderstanding and disputation I hope that this website will encourage more informed reflection and discussion, insha Allah

Please feel free to use the materials here.  I am always happy to answer questions and/or discuss specific issues more fully, time permitting.  Also, if you have any useful resources, I’d be more than happy to post them here.

Please note, whilst I welcome and encourage everyone to comment and participate, I feel it’s important to lay a few ground rules.  Comments of an insulting, racist, sexist, or otherwise abusive tone, will be deleted immediately without notice.  I am a Muslim, and quite happy to be so, and so I will also delete offensive remarks.  I’m an adult and can handle honest differences of opinion, but abuse in any form is wrong.

That aside, welcome to the Islamic History Corner.  I hope you enjoy reading.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Assalamualaikum, it really is helpful to see how many of your presentations you have uploaded already.

    I just wanted to ask you whether you have recorded versions of any of your lectures as I would most be interested, like something that we can relate the powerpoints and lecture notes too.


  2. Wa alaikum salaam Tahmid,

    Thank you for your comments. May Allah reward you with goodness.

    No, I don’t have any recorded lectures. Perhaps in the future, insha Allah. You’re right in that the powerpoint slides are intimately connected with the lecture itself. I have to say that I’m not the most camera friendly of men! 😉

    I’m currently working on a few projects and will insha Allah ta’ala post them soon.

    Abdur Rahman

  3. A O A.
    Hello In charge,
    I visited your website and deeply impressed by your work and teachings. I found that you are doing a great work for the Islam and Islamic people in the meantime. I am a professional translator as you know that the Urdu is the language of different countries such as Pakistan , Bangladesh , India , Saudi Arabia , Afghanistan ,etc. i want that your work Should be appreciated in these countries. I want to do work with your ministry OR organization as a Urdu Translator’s. Hopes that you will consider me for this great option.
    Yours Sincerely,
    Zainab Naseem

  4. wa alaikum salaam sister Zainab

    Thank you for getting in touch, and thank you for your kind thoughts. May Allah bless you always. Thank you also for your kind offer. I have to say though that there is no organisation as such. It’s just me – the work of one individual. The slides here were from a course I taught in 2006. I have since taught other related courses, but have not really had the free time to devote to this blog. Insha Allah that will change.

    However, regarding your offer itself, please do feel free to use anything here – but at this moment in time, I am unable to do much work in this area.

  5. Hello!
    I am an elementary teacher in Arizona researching different cultures and religions from the American Revolution. I was wondering, when did the first Muslims come to America? I am going to keep looking online, but I thought I would ask you, also. Besides, it gives me the opportunity to tell you that I am truly impressed with your work on this site. I found myself “off task” because I keep reading your work. Thank you for sharing and helping spread truth. It is enlightening.

  6. Hello Diane,

    Greetings from Wales. I imagine the climate here in Wales is very different from Arizona! At any rate, thank you for your kind words. I am honoured by them, though in all truth praise is due to God alone. I don’t have as much time to update this site as I’d like.

    With regards to your specific question, this isn’t really my area of expertise. That said, there seem to be accounts of people with ‘Muslim’ sounding names in the Americas before Columbus. I’m personally not sure how authentic such accounts are, or how trustworthy they might be.

    Anyway, Muslim history in the Americas really begins with slavery. A sizeable portion of African slaves came from Muslim majority areas. I can’t remember the numbers off hand, but maybe something like 30% of slaves may have had Muslim background. There are numerous accounts of Muslim slaves…in all sorts of contexts. A really good book on this topic is Sylviane Diouf’s excellent Servants of Allah: African Muslims Enslaved in the Americas. There are other very useful books on this topic too.

    That said, Islam as an institutional religion, did not survive slavery. Islam, as a structured religion, came again to the Americas in the early 20th century – so I believe, though I could be wrong.

    I know what you mean about finding interesting ‘off task’ materials on the internet! 🙂

    Welcome again to my online home. God bless you always.

    Abdur Rahman

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