A Sign Above My Door

Peace, one and all…


The sign above my door is a passage from the Quran and it reads thus:

‘My Lord, forgive me and my parents and whoever enters my house in faith and the believing men and believing women’ (Surah Nuh 71:28)

Welcome to Abdur Rahman’s Corner, my very own virtual home.  Ahlan wa sahlan!  I hope that you enjoy this blog, and that it is useful to you in some small way, insha Allah. 

My virtual home, as with my actual home, is a welcoming and accepting place, insha Allah.  I welcome all visitors to my cyber-home, regardless of background.  Let me take this opportunity to offer greetings of peace.  I’ll even go so far as to offer generous helpings of (virtual) tea and biscuits!

However, before you enter, please be aware of the rules of my home.  There aren’t many, but such rules as exist are taken seriously.

Please note, that the views and opinions expressed by me on this website are entirely my own.  I am deeply committed to the spiritual life and to my faith, which means my posts are (usually) the product of careful study and reflection.  However, I’m only human.  I make mistakes and get things wrong (only God is perfect).  If an error is pointed out to me, I will apologise and attempt to put it right, insha Allah.

Also, this is the cyber-home of a believing, committed Muslim.  I have no problems with differences of opinion (even sharp differences), but this is not a place for Islam-bashing

The comments and ideas of others are the responsibility of their respective authors.  Also, I am not responsible for the comment of other websites linked to here.  My inclusion of such links does not indicate that I agree with all that they say, merely that I have found that site helpful and useful in some way.

Furthermore, please also note, that although I welcome comments from anyone who passes by, a word about appropriate conduct is in order. 

Perhaps one of the only certainties in matters religious is that someone, somewhere is going to disagree with me.  That’s fine.  After all, I’m an adult (according to my passport at any rate) and I can handle differences of opinion easily enough.  However, I will not tolerate abusive behaviour.  In particular, this means that the use of foul, threatening or generally offensive language is utterly prohibited.  It also means that I will not tolerate sexist or racist comments of any kind.  Persistent or serious offenders (and in my home I am the sole judge) will be deleted without warning.

This blog is my cyberspace home and as with my earthly home, I expect all visitors to remain polite.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


5 thoughts on “A Sign Above My Door

  1. Assalamalikum brother,

    Insha-Allah this finds you in good health.

    I am very much impressed by your work on Islamic History, mashallah.Like you I also a student of Islamic history though my knowledge may be very limited.

    I wanted to ask you if I can in anyway contribute here by the means of articles and other stuff and moving ahead can we start a full-fledged website on Islamic History, though my knowledge about setting up a website is very little.You can get in touch with me via email.

    Ma Salaama

  2. you know I’m so sad that you stopped writing in this blog, it has so much information and it’s so helpful to me. I will create a similar blog containing more specified information on the Golden Ages of Islam, and Mohammed I saw your reply … I would like to get in touch so we could get the information even better inshallah.

  3. Salam!

    I’m really glad you’ve found this blog useful. You’re right, I simply don’t get enough time to devote to this blog any more. Insha Allah, that will change. At any rate, please do set up your own blog on Islamic history – there is certainly a need for it. May Allah bless you and your endeavour.

    Abdur Rahman

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