The Abbasid Revolution

Peace, one and all…


Here are the final set of slides from Summer 2006’s course: Islamic History: the first 150 Years.  These slides are on the initial stages of the Abbasid Revolution.

As this brings to an end the material from this course, I will insha Allah begin posting slides from my other courses soon. 

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


16 thoughts on “The Abbasid Revolution

  1. As-salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaah,
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for the powerpoint slides; they’re very useful and informative.
    Jazaakallaahu khayraa

  2. Wa alaikum salaam Omar,

    Welcome to my online home. Jazak Allah for your interesting idea. Yes. It would indeed be a useful and important method. Thank you for suggesting it.

    Abdur Rahman

  3. Just to let you know. If you need help with the technical side, I know someone who can help you out. E-mail me anytime you want to get started. Wasalaam.

  4. I am new user but like the study of Islamic History scholarly but your corner is feel better for its purposes. It is to request for continuation of contact with new users like me with thanks.

    From the desk of:-
    (Religious Research Scholar and Social Scientist)
    Member Multifaith Assembly
    366-D, Mumtazabad Colony Multan Pakistan Cell # +92-0333-6106512

  5. Thanking you for your encouragements policy, so, MODERATION ideas are not new creations by mankind but it is base on Islamic basic ideas due to largest moderate religion of ISLAM by GOD and Last Holy Prophet of Allmighty Allah (Hazrat Muhammad -PBUH) in the world. Are you agree with my comments ?

  6. QURAN is a world largest MODERATE REVEALED BOOK of Allmighty Allah in ISLAM for the betterment, tolerance, humanisation, globalisation, human rights, freedom of religions, dissarmament struggles, peace, justice, multifaith understanding, change in behaviour, counter of terrorism,development, socio-economic-cultural relations, clashes of civilization in the world different communities.


  7. Surely, Last Prophet of Allmighty Allah, Hazrat MUHAMMAD (PBUH) is world largest MODERATOR HOLY PERSONALITY IN THE UNIVERSE. Life of Hazrat MUHAMMAD (pbuh)is witness on my comments. Resultantly, we will say that (i)ISLAM, (ii)QURAN, (iii) PROPHETS OF GOD HAZRAT MUHAMMAD are world largest MODERATOR on the earth in this universe.


  8. Al salamu alakum Allama Dr. Muhammad Anees Roohani,

    Welcome to my online home. Allah bless you always.

    My apologies for the delay in responding. I don’t update this site as much as I should and so I’ve only just seen your comments.

    I am personally interested in looking at religion from all sorts of angles – academically, socially and as a Muslim, in terms of din.

    I think that the Quran is a deeply ‘moderate’ book, if by that you mean it calls for moderation, tolerance and the middle way. That said, it does have some powerful things to say about the spiritual/social ills of today.

  9. As for the prophets (alayhim al-salam), they are of course teachers of mercy, love and compassion. And for myself, I do but struggle to follow them, in my own deeply faulty way

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