The 2nd Civil War

Peace, one and all…


Nothing for ages, and then two come along at once!  Here’s another set of slides.  These slides conclude our overview of the Second Civil War.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


4 thoughts on “The 2nd Civil War

  1. Assalamu’alaikum

    May Allah reward you for this great efforts.
    Allow me to point out to something you referred to in slide 14, which is the notion of Abdullah ibn Saba’.
    I understand that you are only reporting from history. As a free thinker like your self, I invite you to further examine the shadowy historic figure “Abdullah ibn Saba” which has been conveniently used by Sunni historians to undermine the Shi’a school of thought. This concept of “Abdullah ibn Saba” is no different than the modern concept of the “conspiracy theory” or the “illuminaties” or things of this nature. Such concepts are often produced as a result of man’s intellectual impotency in understanding the flow of events, the inevitable social, political human developments and man’s sense of intimidation by such events. This is not in defense of Shi’a rather it is in defense of the Truth of history and your students deserve to be made aware of this undetectable trap.
    Having said this I am waiting eagerly for your next valuable slides.

    Wa MinnaSslam


  2. Salaams Katib,

    Jazak Allah Katib for pointing out the mistake. The text I was quoting does indeed refer to the Saba’iyyah, etc. As I recall (though I taught this class a year ago), I went through the text and its references. At any rate, I do recall discussing Abdullah ibn Saba’ at some length. Where these issues were raised and explored.

    You’re right, of course. There is considerable controversy regarding this figure. There is even some doubt as to his actual historicity (and Allah knows best). He certainly has been (assuming he existed) seen as the originator of Shi’i thought.

    Yes, there are many in the Muslim world who go in for such conspiracy theories. It’s much easier to blame things on the work of shadowy fifth columns than it is to realise that life and history are more complex than our simplistic notions would assume.

    Ma’as salama,

    Abdur Rahman

  3. Wa’alaikum Assalam Br. Abdur Rahman

    May Allah bless you for your sincerity and level of self confident in your intellectual engagement. My intention was not to point to any mistake but to raise a concern. And I truly feel that your students are in good hands. Looking forward for future discussions.

    Wa MinnaAsalam


  4. Salaams Katib,

    Al hamdu lillah. I’ve enjoyed these discussion too. Unfortunately, opportunities to discuss this kind of thing are rare.

    It was a mistake, because I would usually have referred to Ibn Saba’ and his apparent historicity.

    Abdur Rahman.

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