Husayn and Yazid

Peace, one and all…


I’ve not added anything to this blog for a while.  So, now that the summer is here, here’s the next instalment of slides on early Islamic history.  These slides deal with the 2nd civil war, and are entitled Yazid and Husayn.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


14 thoughts on “Husayn and Yazid

  1. Assalamu ‘Alaikum Abdur Rahman

    Thank you again for this impartial study of Imam Husayn murder events.

    Wa MinnaAssalam


  2. Salaams Katib

    Thank you. Allah reward you with goodness.

    These events are important and helped shape the Islamic world in which we live. Moreover, Sunni and Shi`i labels aside, they are powerful examples of moral strength in the face of overwhelming evil.

    Ya Allah!

    Abdur Rahman

  3. Wa’alaikumAssalam

    “These events are important and…. they are powerful examples of moral strength in the face of overwhelming evil.”

    – You are absolutely right.
    Within all of us there is some representation of “Karbala battle” The inner struggle within Man’s nafs-soul is an esoteric reflection of such moral battle.

    The impact of the Battle of Karbala has clearly manifested itself exoterically in the most vicious way through the current situation of Muslims. We are reliving the same battle of Karbala.

    May Allah help us all



  4. As-salamu ‘alaykum. I just wanted to say, these powerpoints are extremely enjoyable — like discovering gold in cyberspace.

    Jazak Allah Khayr for sharing. And please produce more!

    Salaams and best wishes. Omar

  5. Wa alaikum salaam,

    Sorry for the delay in responding!

    Thank you for your kind thoughts. All that is golden comes from God, Sustainer of All Being.

    I have many more to post. I just don’t get as much time to post as I’d like. Al hamdu lillahi ala kulli hal.

    Abdur Rahman

  6. Yazid was the wicked son of Mu’awiyah who inherited his father’s rule. He was the second of the dynastic rulers at the beginning of the Islamic era. His father Mu’awiyah had obtained power over the Muslim community through deceit and treachery. During the last days of his reign, he made the people pledge their support the his son Yazid. Thereupon, he installed his as his successor at an official ceremony. Yazid’s mother was Maysun, who like Hind (notorious for having eaten the liver of Hamzah) was impure and unchaste woman. His mother had slept with one of his father’s slaves and the despicable, winedrinking Mu’awiyah was really the offspring of that slave.


    ( 56 )

    This has been confirmed by the noble Prophet, Salla – llahu alayhi wa alihi wa sallam (s a w a – may Allah’s peace and blessings be on him and his progeny) who said: ” The murderer of my son Husayn alayhis – salam (a s – peace be upon him), is a bastard”; which also applies to Shimr Ibn Sa’d and Ibn Ziyad; since all of them were born out of wedlock.
    Yazid had inherited all the qualities of his character and way of behaving from his father, Mu’awiyah, except for one thing: whereas Mu’awiyah governed by trickery and deceit, compromised with the demands of Islam even to the point of building mosque, Yazid, however, shamelessly committed the most criminal and despicable acts. Throughout his life and especially during his period of rule, this tyrant, who reigned over the unfortunate unaware Muslims in the name of Islam , became notorious for the following:
    1) He owned monkeys which would dance for him dressed in gold – embroidered multi – coloured


    ( 57 )

    2) His racing dogs were renowned the world over.
    3) He was passionately fond of gambling.
    4) His addition to wine set a clear example fir his successors.
    5) He acted disrespectfully towards the Haram, Mosque of the Prophet (s a w a) and towards other Mosque of the Muslims.
    6) He killed the offspring of the Messenger of Allah (s a w a) and committed numerous other crimes at the tragedy of Karbala’.
    7) He forced the womenfolk to take off their veils (from both the muhajirun, that is , those who left Mecca for Medina, and also from amongst the ansar, that is those already living in Medina.
    8) He killed countless people of Medina and he and his supporters were responsible for the rape of numerous


    ( 58 )

    women of Medina.
    9) He arrested and made prisoners the supporters of Ali (a s)
    10) He was responsible for damaging the house of Ka’bah and its embroidered covering.
    He committed many other despicable crimes which are at least as famous as those we have listed.
    Yazid was the first person who made debauchery, rape of women and children corruption, wine – drinking, music and dancing commonplace behaviour within the Muslims’ lands. Yazid, in fact was a man who devoted his life to wine, -drinking ,luxury ,indulgence ,racing dogs, gambling and rape of women and young girls. It was Yazid, the so-called caliph of the Muslims who killed the offspring of the Messenger of Allah and their faithful supporters .Immediately after killing Imam Husayn (a.s) it was this same man who sat back to response in front of a feast of food and wine, surrounded by musicians , singers and wine-


    ( 59 )

    Yazid, like his father had done before him, deliberately and openly changed the divine laws to suit his own wishes .He committed such despicable acts during his rule (which lasted only three years and nine months) that he has been cursed by Allah and the people until the end of time. The most abominable of these was the murdering of Imam Husayn (a.s) , his family and a group of his supporters, during the first year of his rule. He set fire to their tents, tortured the women and baby children and rode over the body of Imam Husayn (a.s) and others who had died fighting in Allah’s way ( shuhada’) on horseback. Moreover , in the second year of his rule, an event known as Harrah took place which was the scene of further bloody atrocities on his part. Like Mu’wiyah and his bloodthirsty agents, Yazid and his corrupt followers did not shun any criminal act, however disgusting or tyrannical .It was this event which clearly demonstrated to the Muslims and to all men the world over the


    ( 60 )

    extent of his corruption and violation of the most basic of human rights.
    A group of men from Medina (like other of that time who were forced at spearpoint or bribed to make a pledge to Yazid) made their way to visit this so-called ‘Muslim’ ruler at his place of government in Syria (or more accurately Sham, a country which roughly corresponds to present -day Syria and parts of Lebanon and Palestine). They were able to see with their own eyes what kind of man was the man who was ruling as a caliph of Islam, namely a man who love wine, racing dogs, gambling and a life of ease and luxury and shamelessly violated the honour of men, women and children alike. They returned to Medina in a state of profound unease: when they had told the people of the situation, a large group of men gathered and rose in a defiance of the murderous regime.
    They expelled the governor of Yazid and his wicked and blood -thirsty agents from Medina.


    ( 61 )

    From this moment onwards, the ranks of those rebellions to the government of Yazid grew day by day; cries of ‘death to Yazid and his corruption ‘ rang out all around Medina. People spoke out for Islam from the platform (minbar) of the mosques, from the streets and squares, and whenever people would gather together, the courageously declared their opposition to Yazid, saying, “anyone who has killed the progeny of the Messenger of Allah, anyone who drink wine, does not fast or pray , is addicted to gambling and racing dogs, anyone who indulges in luxurious living, dancing and music, anyone who rules corruptly , thinking only of his won interests and never of the poor deprived people- such a man has no right to such position of power and authority over the Muslims; such a man must step down from his position and make away for another man. We, Muslims of Medina, have pledged our allegiance to a man called Abdullah ibn Handhalah who is often called Ghasil al-Mala’ikah; we cannot bear to live under the


    ( 62 )

    tyranny and corruption of the debauched drunkard Yazid and his agents”. News of this rebellion of the Muslims of Medina reached Yazid’s ears. Yazid ordered his hated agents to go as soon as possible to the scene to the demonstrations : they were to quell the demonstrations and to stop the cry of those seeking truth and justice from reaching the ears of the rest of the rest of the Muslims .
    The bloodthirsty Yazid had a man called Muslim ibn Uqbah (also known as Mushrif, the wanton spendthrift) brought before him, the latter had been a faithful friend of Yazid’s father Mu’awiyah .He despatched Muslim ibn Uqbah at the head of a large army to crush the rebellious Muslim in Medina. After Marching for sometime, they came to a halt in the rocky area near Medina known as Harrah. The people of Medina set off towards them in order to defend their lives and honour.
    In this place, known as a heavy battle took place between the armies of truth and falsehood, many of the Muslims from


    ( 63 )

    Medina were killed .The rest were forced to retire, unable to withstand the sheer size and weaponry of this murderous army of Yazid, they took refuge in mosques (including the Holy Prophet’s mosque) in order to save their lives. it was the custom in those days to respect the sanctity of Mosques, the Haram of the Prophet and large cemeteries; anyone taking refuge , then would be safe from any haram. The people of Medina ,under the impression that even the armies of the usurper- caliph Yazid places. They did not realize that these were the same godless people who had molested the Prophet, breaking his teeth, throwing dirt on his face and committing countless other despicable acts. They were the same people who while claiming to be Muslims ,placed Ali (a.s) under house arrest, killed his sons and tortured his faithful supporters. It was these same ignorant people who in the name of the Qura’an and claiming to defend the rights of every Muslim, disregarded the divine commandments and


    ( 64 )

    made corruption a commonplace in the society of the day.
    Muslim Ibn Uqbah , the commander of this army of bloodthirsty men, entered the mosques and the Haram sanctuary of the noble Prophet on horseback in search of those who had sought refuge there, in total violation of the ancient custom. They put everyone to the sword , the mosque and the Haram of the noble Messenger (s.a.w.a) were drenched in blood. These godless mercenaries acted as they wished: desecrating and ruining these sanctuaries of Islam , they then attacked Medina itself killing countless inhabitations and violating the honour and property of others; even women youths and young children were not spared the slaughter. The murderous commander, acting as his master Yazid would have done, allowed his army the total freedom of the city for three days; taking advantage of his permission, Yazid’s mercenaries gave free rein to their base animal -like instincts. Thousand of women and unmarried girls were raped even within the area


    ( 65 )

    of the Prophet’s mosque. These savage godless men acting in accordance with the saying ‘the way the common people live is dictated by the behaviour of their kings’ imitated the behaviour of Yazid; following the example of their savage, debauched tyrant -king, they subjected those who had fled to the mosque to unspeak-able atrocities.
    After the army-commander and his vicious mercenaries had subdued the rebellion of the Muslims by their slaughter and rape of the inhabitations of Medina, they forced those who survived the attack to make a pledge of allegiance to Yazid; after exacting this pledge under the threat of death, they continued and increased their reign of terror. A group of the surviving Muslims, fearful for their lives and property, swore an oath of allegiance to Yazid;others , however who resisted and refused to accept dictatorial tyranny of Yazid, were killed by the savage mercenaries .Such was the reality of what took place at Harrah, just one atrocity among the thousands committed by Yazid in


    ( 66 )

    the name of Islam and as a so-called ‘Muslim’ ruler .Another of the despicable acts Yazid became notorious for, was his destruction and setting fire to mosques.
    Abdullah ibn Zubayr was one of the rebellious muslims, whose independence and determination to secure a true Muslim government caused Yazid considerable trouble ; the latter, in order to destroy Abdullah ibn Zubayr and his supporters, sent an army commanded by Husayn ibn Namir to Mecca.
    The army marched towards Mecca , and came to a halt in the hills overlooking the area of the Ka’bah; they then began to hurl great boulders and fiery missiles from their huge catapults on to house of the Ka’bah , destroying its walls completely and setting on fire the wooden part of the structure and the embroidered drape-covering ; then the barbaric mercenaries of the tyrant Yazid began to attack the town itself with missiles , staffs, cudgels and swords killing, raping and plundering the inhabitations of Mecca.


    ( 67 )

    The people of Mecca were in desperate situation, there was no way open to them but to entrust their face to Allah and raise their hands in prayer to plead for the death of Yazid. They prayed that Allah may deliver them of this corrupt dictator who was responsible for all the killing and tyranny. It was not long before news reached Mecca of the death of Yazid; the commander of the army of brutal mercenaries returned to Sham and as a result , the defenceless people of Mecca were delivered of the merciless attackers.
    After three years, nine months and twenty-two days of dictatorial government, Yazid left this world .He died of a kind pleurisy (a serious illness with inflammation of the delicate membrane of the thorax and the lungs, marked by pain in the chest or sides). His grave became a dirty rubbish dump, a fitting end for such tyrant, a fitting end for a man who violated the honour and property of the Muslims, a fitting end for anyone who allows his satanic desires to take precedence over the laws and


    ( 68 )

    commandments of Islam and anyone who attempts to change the divine code.

  7. It is fact that Last Holy Prophet of Allmighty Allah, Hazrat Muhammad( peace be upon him)is Nabi and RASOOL, after teir, every person who recite the Kalma Tayyaba being Muslim in ISLAM, One to all Muslims are UMMAT, nor Nabi or Rasool, so, All the companions of Holy Prophet and Muslim relatives are consist in only UMMAT. Clash in between Yazid and Hussain on the basis of history, however, after the death of Holy Prophet, history of Islam is controversal,so, All the Muslims agree on the saying of Holy Prophet of God and plan of Allmighty Allah. It is factual position of history is this that Order was not pass on by Yazid for murder/kill to Hussain but it is very clear that MOAWYA wrongly gave the favourto their son Yazid as a Khalifa and support to Baet for your son Yazid in the presence of ruled and alived Khalifa, due to this negligence of Moawya, Khilafat change in Malookyat. This is not constitutional way of Hazrat Muhammad and Islamic education systems of politics, but it is also clear this that Khilafat is a term of politics and designation in islamic politics of Hazrat Muhammad in Islam, so, Hussain is involve in politics for Khilafat designation and challenged and condemned to Khalifa Yazid. In this all historical position, being Muslim, violate the rules of political systems of Islam, it is necessary to every Muslim to accept the negligence of Yazid, otherthan, accept the decision of Allmighty Allah and pleasure on murder of Hussain and action of Yazid according to the will or consent of God of Hussain and Yazid. One point is also invite our attention in this regards that Holy prophet of God, Hazrat Muhammad have fore-knowledge about this murder but no any request or prayer done to God for blessing, safety, security and alteration of consent of God. All the facts and narrations are under the light of hadith-e-rasool and history of Islam which are available on the earth.


  8. Moawya, Yazid, Shimar and others are relative of Hazrat Hussain and one to all are Muslims being accept to Last Holy Prophet of God, Hazrat Muhammad, in position of NABI and RASOOL. One Muslim can clash to others Muslim on any matters being mankind. When Hussain started the journey from home to Karbala on the basis of invitation letters of Muslims of Koofa that companions of Holy Prophet as a seniority in experiences of life and sympathic with the relatives of family of Holy Prophet of Hazrat Muhammad, STRICTLY and INSISTLY privent to Hussain but not forbidden the journey to Karbala due to young man, pay no regard to eldest personality which was the lovely, faithful and sympathetic companion of Holy Prophet of Allah. All Muslims of the universe is knowns better that Hussain is not Holy Prophet of God but they was only non-experienced-life-holder young age person and grand-son of Grand-father.


  9. Murder of Hussain by Shimar at Karbala under the rule of Yazid is consent of Allmighty Allah and their Rasool, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). It is to necessary for whole Muslims of the world to accept this event/incident of murder and action of Shimar, with pleasurely due to this occurrence is consent of God and their Holy Prophet. If disagree on the cited above matters, so, faith and religion is not only doubtful but rejection to consent and powers of Allmighty Allah, Holy Prophet, Holy Book of Quran and against the education of Islam.
    Protection or defend of faith/belief in Islam (Allmighty Allah, Holy Prophet, Holy Quran)is compulsory and essential.


  10. Brother a.s.m.k i read this aticle.but still i was confuse why mother ayesha with calipha muawiyah fight againt hazat ali r.a who was right.since mother ayesha is from ahley bathy.what was the reason.pls hlep me on this matter in the light of sahi hadit .may allha bles u.and me to know me the truth. Kuda hafiz wajid khan

  11. I Want 2 talk about Yazid(Layeen o Rajeem).Yazeed is the biggest terrorist and bad beheavior,lose character,he wants to change full image of Islam he want to call these things Hallal which was Haram in Islam like Sharab Zanaa nd other bad things.In my point of view Yazeed and his father mauyaa abu safyaan layeen o rajeem par lanaat beshummar

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