The First Civil War

Peace, one and all…


Here are the next set of slides on early Islamic history.  These ones look at the first civil war (fitna) between Ali and Mu’awiya.  Enjoy and may God them beneficial.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


5 thoughts on “The First Civil War

  1. Assalamu alikum ya Akhy,
    I just read your slide show covering the first Civil war. Thank you for putting in the appreciated efforts, however, I would like to know why did you refer to Madelung’s writings although he is a very well known orientalist?
    Thank you

  2. wa alaikum salam Su,

    Welcome! Allah bless you. I referred to Madelung’s writings because I think it is important to refer to as many sources as possible, orientalist and otherwise.

    Ma’as salama

    Abdur Rahman

  3. Aslmwarahmatul Lah I enjoy what you wrote on the first civil islamic war please send some names of authenticate islamic books that talk on the subsiquent islamic civil war through my e-mail. Ma’assalam Abdullahi Bauchi Nigeria

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