Umar and the Conquests

Peace, one and all…


Here’s the next edition of powerpoint slides on early Islamic history.  These slides deal with Umar and the Conquests.  As before, they are yours to use as you will.  Please remember to cite your source (

And Allah is sufficient as a witness.

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


6 thoughts on “Umar and the Conquests

  1. Abdur,
    Nice to see that you have returned to the blogosphere. I trust you had a restful holiday? Thank you once more for generously providing your learning material. Your efforts as ever are much appreciated.

    On a side note, and hopefully without looking like I’m spamming your illustrious blog, you may be interested to know that my threatened blog launch has now taken place ( I still have a lot of work to do and it will take time to populate it but it is now born and I’m un-naturally excited :o)

    Speak Soon

  2. Peace, Robert

    Hope you had a nice Xmas, etc. 🙂

    I’ve looked throught the new site briefly and it looks great. I look forward to exploring Islamic history with you, insha Allah.


    Abdur Rahman

  3. Brother Abdur Rahman salamon aleikom.

    You mentioned about the severe discussion in Saqifee between Ansar, Mohajerin and Bani hashem as democracy!

    Did God and prophet Muhammad S.A know after prophet rihlat, people will scatter in several sects or not? Still after 14 centuries Muslems are killed by Muslems because of problem in Saqife.
    Why prophet Muhammad S.A or better saying God were not wise enough (Nastajiro bellah) to determine some one in advance But Abu Bakr or Umar ibn al-Khattab were wiser?
    Did they know after prophet people will scatter in several sects or not? Still after 14 centuries Muslems are killed by Muslems. OR they determined but politics changed the history….
    Fabashsher ebaad. Allazina yastame’oonal ghuol. fa yattabe’oona ahsanah….

    Wa salamon aleikom

  4. Wa alaikum salaam Vahid,

    Welcome to my online home. Thank you for your comments. I looked through this set of slides and couldn’t find the term ‘democracy’, although I may well have used such a term.

    All I am trying to do in this set of slides is to present as honest an account as possible. This is a subject on which there is some disagreement. As a teacher, it is my duty to try and be as fair and as balanced as possible. I don’t always succeed, of course (as I’m only human), but that is how I try to work.

    Moreover, it is important to realise, that I am not necessarily presenting my own personal understanding of the religious nature of these events.

    Thank you again for your comments brother, and welcome to my online home.

    Ma’as salama,
    Abdur Rahman

  5. Thanks for posting your latest PowerPoint.

    I am teaching the history of Islam to a group of high schoolers and it was a big help.

    Thanks again,

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