The Succession to Muhammad

Peace, one and all…

As part of my ongoing attempt to post resources for the study of early Islam, in all its diversity, I’m posting a powerpoint presentation on the succession to Muhammad (alaihi salatu wa salam). As with other such materials, I’m posting this to help encourage learning and informed discussion. These materials are available free of charge. My only request is that you acknowledge your source (


Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


2 thoughts on “The Succession to Muhammad

  1. Hi Abdur,
    I thought I would call in to say hi! My intensely busy period of essays/presentations etc. has thankfully come to an end for Christmas so I can get back to my Islamic Studies (although I did get the opportunity to slip in an essay on Muslim culture in al-Andalus for one of my assignments so it hasn’t been an Islam free few weeks :o))

    Anyway good work with all of the uploads. Your kindness in offering all of these learning resources is very much appreciated.

    Oh and expect to see the appearance of my new blog in the next few days created to allow me to chart my progress and give/receive valuable nuggests of knowledge on Islam.

    Thanks again for all your efforts. Speak Soon!!

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