Forthcoming Teaching Commitments, insha Allah…

Peace, one and all…

Insha Allah, in the next few months I’ll be taking on some extra teaching jobs. 

Firstly, in January 2007, I’ll be teaching a new course for the Centre for Lifelong Learning.  It’s entitled ‘Heresy’ in the Medieval Islamic World and will essentially look at the history and doctrines of a number of key groups.  Although I’ve not quite decided upon the final list, I’ll probably include the following:

  • The Khawarij (possibly) 
  • The Kaysaniyya
  • The Khattabiyya
  • The Ismailis
  • The Yezidis (if I can get hold of some key information, as there’s not much written about them)

Secondly, in March 2007 I’ve again been asked to teach the first year Islamic Studies section of the Religious Studies course.  Last year it was called Islamic Tradition: History, Law & Practice.  For this time around, insha Allah, I’m going to alter it slightly to include spirituality.  The working title (which I have to run past the boss) is Islamic Traditions: Identity, Authority & Law in the Early Islamic World.

Thirdly, my recent proposal for a 2nd year course on Shia Islam: History & Theology was received warmly.  There were a few technical matters, but nothing too troublesome.  Insha Allah, it’ll run.  However, even if it doesn’t, it’s been a useful exercise.

Wa akhiru da’wana an il hamdu lillahi rabbil alameen

Ma’as salama,
Abdur Rahman


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